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About Reflexology

What is Reflexology?

Reflexology is the practice of treating points and areas on the feet and hands that relate to corresponding parts of the body. Using precise hand and finger techniques, it encourages your body to heal itself at its own pace. It is a fully complementary therapy and you can have treatments even when you are on medication.

Reflexology dates back 5,000 years, and was used by the Egyptians, Chinese and Native Americans. They believed that a technique of applying gentle pressure to your hands or feet can bring about a state of relaxation and help the body’s own healing process.

Reflexology treats the whole person, not just their symptoms. It arrived in Ireland in the 1980’s and has rapidly grown in popularity here becoming firmly established as an effective and gentle form of holistic therapy. 

Who can benefit from Reflexology?

Reflexology is suitable for all ages - from new-borns to teens through to senior citizens. Some of the conditions which can be treated by Reflexology are:


Back and Chronic Pain




Fertility and Menstrual Complications


Sinusitis, Ear and Throat Issues

Multiple Sclerosis

Heart Health including Circulation and Blood Pressure


Digestion and Constipation






What to expect from a Reflexology treatment

A treatment typically lasts one hour. On the first visit, I will conduct a full personal health consultation. This will take into consideration your past and present health and lifestyle. The consultation enables the treatment to be tailored to your specific needs.

Reflexology is non-invasive. You remain fully-clothed throughout the treatment; only shoes and socks are removed. It is a soothing, calming and relaxing experience. Many people fall asleep during the treatment, while others savour the opportunity to take time out from their busy lives and recharge their batteries.

About Me

I’m Anne Arthur. I am a registered nurse and midwife who worked for many years in the NHS. I have been practising as a reflexologist since 2011, providing treatments at a local cancer support centre as well as to clients in my private clinic. Since 2020, I have been teaching reflexology and baby massage (“reflexage”) to new mums.

I am a fully registered member of Bord Altranais and the Irish Reflexology Institute Limited. As a member of both these professional bodies, I hold professional indemnity insurance, am committed to continuous professional development and abide by a strict set of ethics and standards.

If you have private health insurance, you may be able to claim some of your reflexology treatment on your policy.

Testimonials/What People Say

ZEN Woman Reflexology

Baby Reflexage


Fertility Reflexology

Reflexology is not just an enjoyable and calming pampering treatment. It is has benefits for your reproductive system. It is amazing for both women and men who are:

⦁ Struggling to conceive naturally

⦁ Experiencing unexplained fertility issues

⦁ Trying to conceive after miscarriage

⦁ Suffering from Endometriosis or Polycystic Ovaries

⦁ Experiencing secondary infertility

⦁ Going through fertility treatments such as IVF

Pregnancy Reflexology

Regular reflexology during pregnancy helps to alleviate:

⦁ Morning sickness

⦁ Back pain

⦁ Constipation

⦁ High blood pressure

⦁ Heart burn

⦁ Haemorrhoids

⦁ Anxiety

⦁ Insomnia

⦁ Pelvic, lower hip and sciatic pain

⦁ Oedema and swelling

Pregnancy reflexology promotes deep relaxation, improves sleep and boosts energy levels. It helps prepare the body for labour and reflexology at full term can help induce labour naturally. It can also assist in reducing the length of labour.

Post-natal Reflexology

Becoming a mum can be daunting, especially for the first time, as it is a huge transition in a woman’s life. Dealing with a new-born, sleep deprivation, establishing breast feeding with all its challenges can make a new mum feel physically and mentally exhausted. Post-natal reflexology can confer numerous benefits, including:

⦁ Balancing hormones

⦁ Boosting milk production

⦁ Promoting healing

⦁ Activating immune system

⦁ Easing anxiety

Reflexology for menopause

Studies show that reflexology is a highly effective treatment to ease the symptoms of menopause. It will help you cope better and ease the stress during this transitional time. The benefits include:

⦁ Balancing hormones

⦁ Reducing hot flushes

⦁ Releasing tension

⦁ Improving sleep and mood

⦁ Reducing anxiety

⦁ Increasing energy levels

Baby Massage and Reflexology

Baby massage and reflexology (“reflexage”) is a unique combination of baby reflexology and massage suitable for babies aged 6 weeks to 9 months. It is a gentle and natural way to enhance bonding between parent and baby. The calming effects of touch through massage and reflexology are hugely beneficial to both baby and parent.

I will teach you techniques to help your baby with comfort and sleep; colic, reflux and constipation; teething, colds and coughs. These techniques can be used anywhere and at any time.

All courses are run by me, a Tiny Toes-qualified baby reflexage instructor. Each course comprises 4 weekly classes of approximately 1 hour 15 minutes duration. Classes are supported by handouts and videos showing the techniques covered by the course.

Classes are relaxed and baby-led, with breaks for refreshments and chat. They provide a great opportunity for you to meet other new mums in your area. Classes are held at Yogaheads, a spacious studio on Dominick Street in the heart of Mullingar.

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